Guardian Angel for 2 Kid’s Tracker

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It is better to prevent loss of your kids than you have to look for him/her later. Like other Kids tracking device such as Mommy I’m Here, it uses to track your children, and when he/she too far away from you the unit will alerting you. However, with Guardian Angel it not only use for tracking your child but it also can be used for protecting your valuable devices.


Guardian Angel allowed you to set the alarm in three distances from near (around 5 to 10 meters), middle (10 to 20 meters), and far (about 20 to 50 meters). When your kids move out of the range that you are set, both master (parent’s unit) and slave unit (for wearing by your child) will alert you with beep alarm (95 dB). When the master unit is triggered it plays a melody and vibrates. It also has a row of 4 LEDs light sequentially to indicate in which direction your child has traveled.


If you need one, you can buy it at for $53.99 each set.