Hammacher Introduces Tinnitus Relief Device

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If you are looking for a device for relief your ringing ear, you may consider a vibrating device from Hammacher Schlemmer called Tinnitus Relief device. It is temporarily silence your ear ringing, rushing, or buzzing sound.

The tinnitus relief device comes with a soft tip that is inserted into your ear to stimulate the auditory nerve. This device is using gentle massaging motions. It soothes your ringing ear by increasing circulation in and around your ear. It’s also relaxing sensitive auditory nerves, and reducing stress.

With Tinnitus relief device it offers up to two hours of quiet in less than two minutes of treatment. According to Hammcher, this device fits comfortably inside the ear canal, and the angled neck can also target the temporal and jaw bones, other sources of phantom sounds.

It comes in slim and portable design that’s ideal for you to take it whenever you go. Optimum usage is 30 seconds to two minutes. It’s powered by one AAA battery.

If you need one, you can pre-order it from Hammacher Schlemer for $49.95 (expected ship date June 27th, 2013. It’s backed by Hammacher Schlemmer Lifetime Guarantee at no additional charge.