Hammacher RoboScoop

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Hammacher has adding a new product to their product list, this time is a cute robot from WowWee called RoboScoop. A robot that can be control through a remote control or you can set it on autonomous mode that allow the robot using its infrared eyes to seek and detect objects within 8 to 12-inch around the robot.

With remote control you can comment it to pick up an objects and load them onto its cargo located at the back of this robot and unload the contents at your preferred location. This robot has six wheels that allow it travel on most terrain, multi-directional mobility, funny phrases and sound effects, hands sensor for detect objects on the floor and pick them up or knock them around.

The RoboScoop currently can be order at Hammacher site, however it will be ship on August 30th, 2010 with price at $69.95.

[ Via robotsrule, hammacher ]