Hammacher Scrubbing Windshield Wiper Blade

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Snow begins to fall in this winter, if you have a car, equipped it with Scrubbing Windshield Wiper Blade. It is a patented wiper blade that can smear and obstruct your field of vision. This patented wiper blade employs dual blades-the outer edges of which have hundreds of tiny triangular scrubbers-that completely remove bugs, bird droppings, frost, and dirt in just a couple of passes. The inner edges of the blade channel water and debris off the windshield, resulting in a clean, unhindered view.


Scrubbing Windshield Wiper Blade comes with a durable composite rubber blade that maintained its cleaning ability up to 500.000 cycles. The Scrubbing Windshield Wiper Blade available in various sizes ranging from 16-inch to 24-inch. The 16- and 17-inch are sold for $16.95, the 18-inch model for $17.95, the 19- to 21-inch sold for $19.95, and the 22- and 24-inch for $22.95.


If you need one for this winter, you can buy it from Hammacher.com.