Hammacher Submarine Camcorder

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If you like to record underwater world, submarine camcorder is a perfect device for you. With this camcorder you can use it to record live video to your iPad from 100 feet underwater. Submarine camcorder is ideal for viewing marine life or inspecting a boat below the waterline.


The submarine camcorder comes with a receiver and 100 foot video cable. This device communicates with the receiver using Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can receive the video on your iPad or laptop with installing an app. The app also allowed you to control the sub camcorder.

You can control the sub’s electric thrust and lift propellers for forward/backward (5 kts forward; 1 kt reverse), left/right, and up/down movement. A virtual dashboard (an iPad’s motion sensors can also steer the sub) includes a joystick, camera controls, and displays depth, heading, battery level, and temperature data received from the sub’s built-in sensors.


This sub camcorder comes with marine-grade, hydrodynamic ABS housing provides a watertight seal to protect the included 1280 x 720 HD video camera. With the combination of auto and manual focus control with camera built-in timer, this sub camcorder can take pictures at an interval you had set.

Videos are stored onto the sub’s built-in 32GB memory while still images are stored directly onto an iPad or laptop (included software transfers videos to an iPad or laptop once the sub is topside). It comes with five plastic bobbers to facilitate the tether’s buoyancy.

In fully charge (16 hours) the battery can provide up to two hours of operating time. If you need one for your underwater adventure, you can buy it directly from Hammacher for $6,300 each unit.