Handy Cooler a Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner Runs on batteries or USB Connection

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Summer has arrived, and the air will turn more and more hot. To solve that problem you may consider a device called Handy Cooler. It comes in portable design that allowed you for easy carry in your bag. With this handy cooler, you can have cooler air anytime and anywhere as you like.

This Handy Cooler is the world’s first hand-held personal air cooler. It’s powered by four AA batteries for portability use or USB connection for desktop users. You can use this device at home, at school, in the office, at sporting events, on trips, or anywhere wherever you need a breeze of cool, refreshing air.


The Handy Cooler can produce 15 knot breeze cools air up to 30 degrees fahrenheit or around minus 1.11 degree Celsius with 30db of whisper that’s quiet enough for sleep or office use. The Handy Cooler utilizes the principles of ‘evaporative cooling system’. To activate the air cooler, you simply need to add water to the included cellulose cooling filter and Handy Cooler will do the rest.


This cooling device performance may not be as powerful as compressor-based air conditioners, however, if you are looking for a lightweight and portable solution to take around anywhere, Handy Cooler with an evaporative cooling technology is the only option! This device needs to add water every one to two hours of operating time and if the water is empty it still can be operated as a normal fan. The battery can provide up to four hours of using time.

If you need one of this cooling device, you can buy it from Amazon.com for $49.99 for each unit. Handy Cooler available in three-color options; Stylish Black, Blue, and Pink.