Hanvon Releases E-Ink Triton Color eBook Reader

In Digital Gadgets

Kindle and Nook has been beaten by Chinese manufacturer in term of display technology because they’ve just outed their new color e-ink reader called Hanvon Triton E-Ink.


Hanvon, the company that create this display is trying to challenge other e-ink ebook readers by launching their first 9.7-inch color ebook reader, which has been long waited in the States. It’s been a quite disappointment when Nook announced their Nook color ebook reader using LCD technology instead of a better e-ink technology.

But Chinese manufacturer has come to fill the demand with their own product instead of cloning others’ creation. Well, they are learning from their experiences, too! They are now not just another cloner from the highland. They do create some great stuff now.

This Hanvon Triton has been made available for pre-order in China in two versions, WiFi-only ($528) and WiFi + 3G version ($574). The Hanvon Triton Color ebook reader will be shipped on February 2011 next year.

[via Coated]