Have A Look At How Kinect’s IR Track Your Movement

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The Kinect has launched yesterday, have you receive your pre-order and try the device? If you have, there is a fluctuation that Kinect is both great and worst gaming gadgets. But our of everything, it’s still a revolutionary gaming gear for Xbox 360 and in the future, gamers will be able to pair up with the existing controller to get more functionality.


Put the features aside, this post going to let you know how Kinect’s IR sensor tracking your body and moment. It uses thousands of invisible lights to track every movement made by gamer. The picture above is a scenery taken from the room with Kinect turned on and look it through the special IR lens. Let’s watch the following video for more details:

You saw that?! There are thousands of mini dots (result of invisible light rays) projected via the Kinect sensor and those dots will be the one to track your movement. It’s amazing and some said that Kinect is capable of tracking 1cm movement via its tracking ability. Not only that, it’s also tracking the depth, and how far you are from the Kinect sensor.

[via Kotaku]