Here Are The Awesome 4K TV Trends We’re Expecting From CES 2017

In Technology


CES 2017, the consumer technology mega-event held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada is just about upon us and this year’s event is promising a whole pile of new 4K ultra HD TVs that completely surpass even the stunning displays we saw emerge in 2016.

This year is going to be an absolute landslide of cutting edge TV design and viewing technologies as well as all sorts of other ultra HD devices like new cameras and PC monitors.

A couple of truly important trends are definitely going to play a key role in the new TVs we see for early 2017 in particular.

First and foremost, 4K is now formally, concretely and fully here to stay.

The display resolution that many tech watchers were short-sighted enough to even dismiss just a couple of years ago has now (and it should have been an obvious thing to see coming) become the absolute de facto standard feature in all new larger and premium smart TVs being released by every single brand in the world.
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