Hitachi Maxell Introduces Air Voltage Wireless Charger For iPad 2

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Hitachi Maxell has adopted power transmission module called field coupling system that manufactured by Murata Manufacturing. This module provides power transmission of 10W through a use of the power-sending and power-receiving set with an efficiency of 70 percent. Hitachi Maxell has used it as a wireless recharging set called Air Voltage wireless charger for iPad 2.


The Air Voltage wireless charger for iPad 2 consists of two parts, a wireless charging pad(Energy Stand) and a jacket for iPad 2(Energy Cover). Basically, the Murata’s wireless power transmission can be used to variety devices such as mobile phones, smartphone, portable music players, tablets, digital cameras, toys, lighting systems, accessories and housing equipment. However, the Air Voltage wireless charger is designed specifically for your iPad 2.

With Air Voltage Wireless Charger for iPad 2 you can charge your iPad easily, as simple as just place your iPad 2 into the Energy cover, afterward place the Energy Cover on the Energy Stand, and it was ready to charge your iPad 2 wirelessly. And interestingly, your iPad 2 can be fully charged while you are watching your music video.

The Air Volatge Wireless charger allowed you to charge your iPad 2 in two positions, vertically or horizontal. This device is scheduled to go on sale starting November 25th, 2011, or you can see their first show at CEATEC Japan 2011 starting on October 04th to October 08th at Makuhari Messe in Hall 3.

[ Via newlaunches, maxell ]