Homedisc MyBaby Sound Spa Sleepy Snail

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Nowadays more and more devices are created to pamper your baby, and one of them is MyBaby Sound Spa Sleepy Snail from Homedics. You can use this device to soothe your baby to fall asleep fast with plays five nature sounds (heartbeat, ocean, rain, summer nights, and white noise). It also plays 5 tender lullabies include: twinkle, twinkle little star; rock-a-bye baby; cradle song; Fur Elise and Hush Little Baby.

MyBaby Sound Spa Sleepy Snail comes with a motion picture projector that project two optional unique image scenes (animals or bugs), and light display. The sound spa allowed you to choose between lights, projection, sounds or combination. It also has an auto-off timer (15, 30 or 60 minutes) to save battery power. This device is powered by 3C batteries.

MyBaby Sound Spa Sleepy Snail available at Sharperimage for $39.99 each unit.