Honda ENEPO EU9iGB Generator Go On Sale Starting on May 13th, 2010

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Honda has announced their upcoming generator called All-new ENEPO EU9iGB Generator, the Honda said this generator is using home use butane canisters which easily purchase and stored at your home. The generator also has an alternative power with using gasoline-fuel.


The ENEPO EU9iGB generator features Honda’s original high-speed multi-polar alternator generation system and sine wave inverter, and  it’s offering output up to 900VA, enough to provide power to fragile instruments such as personal computers, cooking equipment, lighting, power tools,  and other appliances using 900 W or less of electricity.


This Generator is comes with simple design which allow you can carry it like a hand bag or travel luggage with two wheels at the base. There is no word on pricing but Honda said they will go on sale starting on May 13th, 2010.



[ Via gizmag ]