Honda Introduces UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device

In Transportation


We have seen a new Permoveh (Personal Mobile Vehicle) that had been developed by Kyoto University at the end of March this year. Recently, Honda also has introduced their new kind of mobile vehicle called UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device, which comes with the same capabilities as Permoveh. However, UNI-CUB comes in slimmer and more elegant design.

Actually, UNI-CUB is the second generation of U3-X Personal Mobility Device that has been introduced in 2009. This new generation comes with Honda’s proprietary balance control technology and the world’s first Omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) that allowed the rider to control speed, move in any direction, turn and stop, all simply by shifting the rider weight.


UNI-CUB’s compact saddle-style packaging makes it easy for the rider’s legs to reach the ground and maintains eye-level height with other pedestrians. This configuration promotes harmony between the rider and others, letting the rider travel freely and comfortably inside facilities and among moving people.

Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Devices can run at a maximum speeds up to 6 km/h or around 3.72 miles per hour and a range of 3.72 miles. According to the latest news, Honda will start testing this new kind mobility next month.

[ Via Engadget ]