Hover Bike from Aerofex

In Transportation


Aerofex the California-based company that designed and create and created a fully functional prototype of an innovative personal bike has recently introduced its latest product called Hover bike. It is a vehicle that combines a motorcycle with an ultra-light aircraft.


Hover bike is powered by an engine and two ducted fans, it comes with one camshaft and 4-valves per cylinder, and a central balancer shaft. You can ride this hover vehicle like a motorcycle. You can control the vehicle direction, altitude, and of course its flying speed with including handlebar-based speed. It also features custom carbon fiber propellers, frame, drive shafts, and a seat.



Hover Bike able to travel up to 148km on the primary tank @ 80knts cruise (290km with secondary tanks installed), and it can hover more than 10.000 feet. The company plans to fly a second version of its vehicle in October, and is also preparing an unmanned drone version for flight testing by the end of 2013.

[ Via Hover-bike ]