How does PS4 Pro improve the PlayStation VR experience?

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Some might say that the new PlayStation 4 Pro is better equipped for enhanced VR gaming as opposed to its stated purpose of adapting titles for ultra HD displays.

Effectively doubling GPU power over base hardware opens up a range of options for improving PlayStation VR titles – an area where smooth frame-rates take priority over image quality or graphical features on standard PS4 hardware.

So the question is simple: to what extent does PSVR benefit with a PS4 Pro upgrade?

Of course, we need to bear in mind that it’s early days for PS4 Pro development in general, as evidenced by a small number of sub-optimal ports we’ve seen so far.

On top of that, there are commercial considerations to take into account. Development budgets for VR will be constrained enough already, owing to the relatively limited number of launch units out in the wild.

To add support for this specific combination of PS4 Pro and PSVR – a subset of an already small installed base – is perhaps a hard sell for a developer when it comes to allocating development resources.

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