How To Figure Out Which Streaming Media Device To Buy

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Picking a streaming-media player to watch Netflix and Amazon on your TV may seem like a simple process in comparing features and prices, but it’s actually rather difficult.

That’s because this isn’t exactly a normal market. Some companies, like Amazon and Apple, run their own digital video stores, produce shows and sell streaming-media hardware, which can push them to restrict content in ways that might make economic sense for them, but will probably annoy you, the paying customer.

So deciding between the different models of Apple TVs, Roku players, Amazon Fire TV devices, Google Chromecast or some other player that plugs into your TV may require not a spreadsheet, but a Venn diagram of overlapping site compatibility.

Apple vs. Amazon

This conflict of interest is never more obvious than with Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN), both…

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