iP5 SlimRok Case Kit For iPhone 5

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If you are looking for a new case for protecting your smart phones, there one from Rokform, a company based in Santa Ana, California. The company is engaged in the manufacture of cases and screen protector for iPad, iPhone, and Galaxy S III. Their latest product called iP5 Slimrok case Kit, an ultra slim case that designed specially for your iPhone 5.


iP5 Slimrok case Kit is made of high-impact polycarbonate material. It comes in slim design and offer sic-sided protection for your iPhone 5. Other than maintain slim feel for their users, it also has anti-slip grip to prevent accidental drops. This unique design case currently available in six color options, include Pitch Black, Trans Red, Trans Bronze, White Hot, Trans Aqua, and Gun Metal Black.


If you are interested, you can buy it directly from Amazon.com for $29 each.