iRobot 12601 Looj Cordless Electric Gutter Cleaning Robot

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If you are already using a robot to help you do your homework such as a robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home, zodiac pool system for cleaning your pool, or John Deere Tango E5 lawn mower to clean your garden. If you are happy with their works, you may consider a new robot cleaner for this autumn.

Summer soon will be replaced by autumn season, and leaf will be everywhere, especially in your gutter. iRobot 12601 Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot is a perfect solution for cleaning your gutter. As we all know, gutters need to be cleaned regularly to avoid water damage, overspills and ice dams. The dirty gutters create a breeding ground for carpenter ants, mosquitoes and other pests. With iRobot 12601 Looj offer dangerous free, faster, and easier way in cleaning your gutter.


iRobot 12601 Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot works with standard K-style, aluminum cooper, metal or vinyl gutters. With just put it in your gutter, and then remove its handle (which also act as a remote control for the device), afterward press the rotating direction, forward or backward to clean the gutter. It’s equipped with an internal antenna that allowed you to operate this robot in a range of up to 40-feet


iRobot 12601 Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot offers spinning speeds up to 500 RPM, powered by a rechargeable battery that can clean up to 150 feet of linear gutter on a single charge. It is a waterproof device that allowed you to clean it easily. With simply remove the wireless remote control (handle) and hose off any leftover debris.

If you need one, you can order it at for $105.99 each unit.