Isometric Resistance Upper Body Strengthener

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If you are one of the people who loves stay fit and gets your upper body a proper amounts of workout, you might want to check out alternatives to bench presses, lifting weights and push ups. The Isometric Resistance Upper Body Strengthener might be worth for your considered. This device is an isometric resistance trainer who allows you to strengthen certain upper-body muscles without cause strain on joints.


All you need to do is pull or push on the static handlebars while making sure you do not move your upper-body joints, and it will be the equivalent of strength-enhancing resistance as free weights, but without the strain or detrimental impact. This isometric resistance trainer is ideal for improving bone density and mitigating muscle loss.

The Isometric Resistance Upper Body Strengthener comes with a programmable timer and automatically monitors the applied force and displays the readings on the integrated backlit LCD. This device allows you to determine your progress as well as set your goals for each workout.

It allow up to 23 different strength building exercises aimed for the arms, back, chest, and shoulders. To operate this device you need one 9-volt battery.

[ Via hammacher ]