Just Another eReader: PocketBook IQ 701 and IQ 602 Are Now Available In US

In Digital Gadgets
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Both PocketBook IQ 701 and PocketBook IQ 602 have been made available for US market. PocketBook IQ 701 is a tablet-like ebook reader, which coming with 533MHz processor, 7-inch LCD screen, 1600mAh battery, has USB port, WiFi, SD card reader and running with Google Android 2.0 OS.

Meanwhile, PocketBook IQ 602 is a pure e-book reader that has e-ink display, WIFi, Bluetooth, internal storage expandable via microSD/SDHC card and it’s run with Google Android OS as well.

However, it term of battery life, PocketBook IQ 602 is clearly the winner since it’s using e-ink display. You can expect the IQ 602 to have weeks of battery life, while PocketBook IQ 701 might just good for a couple of hours.

[via SlipperyBrick]