KeyView Smartype Keyboard Now Available for Pre-order

In Computer accessory

As we all had known since the invention of the QWERTY keyboard in 1867, keyboard only makes a little change. That’s why KeyView, the company that creates innovative input device has come with their latest innovative keyboard called Smartype, a keyboard with built-in screen.

The company has been researching and know the weaknesses of the current keyboard that’s already widely circulated in today’s market. The regular keyboards causing users split their focus and move their eyes back and forth between the screen and keyboard. Which means the users will get typing errors and will reduce their typing speed and as the result it will cause their eye and neck strain.

The Smartype offering a better keyboard design which will help you type better, comfortable, simple, and fast. The keyboard equipped with a screen that allows you to keep your eyes on your keyboard while you type, and displaying what you have typed on the screen.

When not in use, the screen can also be used to pull up glanceable information in the form of apps, with just simply press Ctrl and ALT buttons. It can display your email alert, view photos, access to social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It can also display useful information such as weather report, times, date, and much more. All according to your preference.

The Smartype prices currently not available yet. However, you can now pre-order via Thesmartype website.