KT-7 KleerTemp Thermometer From ElectroOptic Inc.

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KT-7 KleerTemp Thermometer is a windowpane thermometer from ElectroOptic Inc. The KleerTemp comes with Big Numbers that allowed this device to be read from across the room. The KT-7 thermometer comes in virtually transparent and offers to read temperature accurately. It shows air temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

KT-7 utilizes electrostatic technology makes it adhere firmly to windows or glass doors. So there is no mounting necessary, and it can be easily removed or repositioned. KleerTemp Thermometer Great for homes, apartments, RVs, campers, and boats.

How to install the KleerTemp Thermometer? Make sure the surface is not in direct sunlight, wash surface before application, afterward peel Kleertemp from packaging, and then position and apply to window, and it’s done! KleerTemp Thermometer size around 7.25-inch in diameter.

KT-7 KleerTemp Thermometer currently available directly from ElectroOptic Inc. for $10.99 or you can buy it lower price at Amazon.com for only $9.16.