LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet for Kids

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If you want your kids have a new tablet when they are back to school, here is a new option for them. Recently, a company called LeapFrog Enterprises has back with released its new tablet called LeapPad2 Learning Tablet. This new tablet is designed specifically for Kids with ages between 3 to 9 years old.

The LeapPad2 Learning Tablet is the successor version of their previous model, the original LeapPad. This latest model equipped with a faster LF 2000 processor, a front and back cameras, video recorder, and the company has doubled their tablet on-board memory up to 4GB.


The LeapPad2 Learning Tablet also has a library of 325+ game cartridges and downloadable apps. The learning apps and games are designed by educational experts, who create innovative, immersive experiences that keep kids challenged and inspired. While a new front-and-back camera and video recorder allowed your children to create masterpieces in the Art Studio, and then pictures that they have taken and create and narrate their own animated movies.


The LeapPad2 Learning Tablet with see and share achievements function, lets you monitor your child progress and achievements. The parent can also download more content such as educational games, e-book, music, videos, and age-appropriate apps for kids from the LeapFrog App Center.

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer currently available in Green and Pink at several online stores such as Amazon.com and Best Buy, they are selling this tablet for $99.99, and you can buy it lower price at Walmart for only $99.