LED Car Wheel Lights from Chinavasion

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If you are a person who likes to dress your car, especially the wheels. You can consider car wheel LED lights from Chinavasion. These LED’s wheel lights can be powered by both battery and solar power. It is simple to use, with just attach these LEDs to your vehicle using the mounting brackets and your car ready for action.


When these car wheels LEDs spin, they are creating amazing pattern with multi colors such as blue, green, and red which makes your vehicle look amazing in the night time on the road. Besides making your car looking good at night it also as a safety device, which make it more visible at night.


These wheel LEDs lights automatically charge via its solar panel on the daytime, and in the winter you can charge them manually using your car USB adapter. The wired charging time up to one hour. They are all waterproof devices, so don’t worry to use it at rainy season. These LEDs will light at speed of 25km/H.


If you need them for your car, you can order it from ChinaVasion for $44.98 each piece.