LED Flashlight with Car Cigarette Charger

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ChinaVasion has released a new product called LED flashlight that designed specifically for use in your car. This flashlight equipped with a car cigarette charger that used to power the flashlight, so you will never run out of your flashlight power. It comes with seven LED lights emitting beams that bright enough for minor repairs.


For ease of use around your car, this LED flashlight comes with three meters long cable that allowed you to plug the car cigarette charger into your car and carry the flashlight out of your car for an outside task, such as when you are wanting to replace your car tire at night time on the roadside. This flashlight built with hardened acrylic in compact size for ultimate portability.


The LED flashlight has a magnetic base that allowed you to attach the flashlight to the hood or body of your car easily. If you need one, you can buy it directly from ChinaVasion for only $9.68 each.