LG Announces Local Dimming Nano Full LED Backlight LCD TV at IFA

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LG has announced the European availability of its latest LCD TV called LW980S, the highest-end 2011 LCD TV. While the US version should be announced by mid-September or probably at the CEDIA trade show in Indianapolis next week.

The LW980S LCD TV features LG’s Nano Full LED backlight with local dimming, the company’s Smart TV Internet platform with full Web browsing, and the ability to get 3D movies via LG Apps. The LW980S is uses 400Hz Tru Motion anti-blur technology, which translates to 480Hz in the US, and also features LG’s newest LED backlight technology, called Nano Full LED.

The LW980S-series TVs come in ultra slim design and it can access on-demand 3D content using an app that’s available in LG’s apps marketplace. Other features includes Smart Share, a technology that allows you wirelessly access content on the TV—presumably via DLNA, that’s stored on other digital devices, such as cameras, tablets, PCs, and smart phones. And also includes a 2D to 3D conversion feature, four sets of passive polarized 3D glasses.

[ Via cnet ]