LG Super Thin OLED Panel Will be Available in Third Quarter Of This Year

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Lg Super Thin Oled Panel

LG Display has recently showing their super thin 55-inch OLED panel in South Korean at media event. This new organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel is called “Wallpaper” proof-of-concept television that’s just 0.97mm thick and weight just 1.9kg (4.1 pounds).

Lg Super Thin Oled Panel

Lg Super Thin Oled Panel

Thanks to it’s thin design that can be stuck to the wall using a magnetic mat before being peeled off like wall paper. This new display is much thinner than LG’s preceding OLED TVs, the cause is most likely it doesn’t incorporate the circuitry that would actually make it function as a TV.

Further more according to Yeo Sang-deog, the head of LG Display’s OLED division, “We should be able to supply a satisfactory volume to our clients from July or August, which means we’re hoping to buckle down production as well as promotion from the third quarter.”

“It has taken a year and half for us to raise the yield to this level (for OLEDs), while it’d taken nearly 10 years to achieve the yield for LCDs,” he said.

source : Cnet and Yonhapnews