Literati Color eBook Reader Approved By FCC, Start Shipping Soon In US

In Digital Gadgets


The Sharper Image Literati Color ebook reader which has popped up several months ago has finally approved by FCC. So what this mean to the Literati color ebook reader is that the device is going to invade the US stores very soon. The Literati ebook reader featuring interesting colorful display with QWERTY keyboard, which looks almost the same as the 1st gen of Kindle ebook reader.


Literati Color ebook reader has 7-inch color LCD display equipped, which mean this ebook reader might not be able to read under the sun shines properly and it might cost lot more energy to display colors. However, for $159 only, I guess those who chase for appearance might want to have one, because sometimes reading ebook in monotone is pretty suck. :)

Expect to see Literati color ebook reader to hit the store in this month.

[via WirelessGoodness]