Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio Available for Pre-order

In Computer accessory


If you are looking for a beautiful cover for protecting your iPad. There is one from Logitech called FabricSkin Keyboard Folio. This new cover comes with intelligent magnetic stand and integrated keyboard. It also has a magnetic clasp to keep the folio closed when you move around so there is no place left unprotected.


The intelligent magnets hold your iPad in two convenient positions. When you make your iPad stand you can find the hidden keyboard under it. Both interior and exterior of the case are covered with intelligent, a liquid – repellant coating which is a liquid resistant.


The FabricSkin Keyboard using magnets in your iPad’s frame that enable your iPad automatically wakes your iPad when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close it. Which means it helps you to save battery consumption. The Bluetooth keyboard is powered by a rechargeable battery (battery life up to three month in single charge). The keyboard can be recharged via included USB cable.


If you are interested, you can pre-order directly from Logitech.com for $149.99. Available in four color options, Red Orange, Carbon Black, Mystic Blue, and Sunflower Yellow.