Logitech UE Smart Radio Now Available for Pre-order

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Logitech has just announced its latest Logitech UE products that designed specifically for music enthusiasts one of these products is a portable radio called Logitech UE Smart Radio. It combines the simplicity of radio with the power of the internet, which allowed you to access to thousands of free Internet radio stations from around the world, including music services or personal music collections that you stored on your PC or Mac.

The Logitech UE Smart Radio comes with a 2.4-inch color LCD display that allowed you to view the track name, album art, and station information. You can set up your favorite radio stations using its six preset buttons with one-touch access. It can also function as an alarm clock with seven days of settings, and it has a line-in via 3.5mm stereo jack.

The Logitech UE Smart Radio with built-in 802.11g (802.11b compatible) wireless connectivity allowed you to control the radio from your Smartphone or tablet such as Android Smartphone, iPad, and iPhone with ease. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that provides up to six-hours of operating time in single charge.

The Logitech UE Smart Radio currently available for pre-order directly from Logitech with price of 149 GBP or around $235.85.