Logitech Z520 2.0 Omni-directional Speaker System for $54.95

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Logitech Z520 2.0 Omni-directional speaker system transforms your desktop into a room-filling sound experience. This speakers system will project sound evenly in all directions with Logitech’s 360 degree sound technology. So you can hear the full range of sound not just in front of the speakers, but everywhere in your room.


Many desktop speakers in this price range use only one driver in each speaker. But each of these Logitech speakers has two separate drivers designed to give you a clearer, richer, more textured listening experience. The main driver delivers warm, natural mid-range and deep bass. The tweeter sings with crisp, clear highs. And dual integrated amplifiers keep every sound in perfect balance.

Logitech Z520 2.0 Omni-directional speaker system price at $54.95.

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