Luci Survival Inflatable Solar LED Lantern

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Luci survival inflatable solar air lantern is lightweight, rechargeable and waterproof

This solar powered lantern is a useful device for campers and preppers because of it’s compact design, rechargeable anywhere outdoor without need of electricity power, rain and waterproof.

So what’s the benefit of using solar Air Lantern?

  • Solar powered means maintenance free
  • Inflatable design – easy to storage and carry
  • Rechargeable when collapsed or expanded
  • Rain and Waterproof

So this emergency lamp is not need batteries, cords, fuel or power plug to light it up. What it need is only a sunlight.

The Solar air lantern is more useful than candle when on emergrncy. This emergency gadget is brighter, last longer and safer than a candle.

The Luci Original Light by MPOWERD, comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, Set it in direct sunlight for 7 hours and the Luci lights hold up to 12 hours.

The lantern light cover up to 15 square feet and it will be able to ratain 50% of her charge for 2 years if inactive.

Luci Solar Air Lantern good for preppers?

Yes, off course. This solar powered lantern is perfect for indoor nor outdoor. Because it is ready for used anytime, anywhere and in any weather.

How to Use Luci Solar Air Lantern?

Here are the directions according to the manufacturer:

Step 1: Charge Luci in direct sunlight or incandescent light. With the solar panel up, let Luci soak in the light. Luci fully charges in 8 hours of direct sunlight.

Step 2: Inflate Luci by opening the valve and pinching the bottom while pulling up; then bite on the valve and simultaneously blow into the valve until fully inflated; close the valve and push it down.

Step 3: Light up Luci by pressing the on/off button – once for bright lighting, twice for super bright and three times for emergency flashing. Press a fourth time to shut her off.

Step 4: Deflate Luci by opening the valve and pinching the bottom while pushing down. It’s that easy.

Luci Solar Air LED Lantern comes with 10 powerful white LEDs shine in 3 settings: bright, super bright, 1 second flashing

Luci Inflatable Solar Light now available at for $14.40


But if you buy 2(two) from you will get additional survival kit (photo above), price $19.97 and 50% off the 2nd one.

  • Small survival kit wrapped in paracord
  • Over 9 feet of 550lb strength paracord
  • Compact; fits in pocket or attach to gear
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