Luggo Cute Robot Retractable Cases with Multi-color LEDs Wheels

In Man Gadgets


If you are planning to spend upcoming holiday with your children, of course they will need a travel bag to carry their stuff. You may consider a new suitcase called Luggo. It comes in bright robot design with a retractable handle for easy transportation.



Luggo robot suitcase can be switched between backpack and case, so they can carry like a rucksack or pulled along like a mini suitcase. In suitcase mode the rucksack straps retract as soon as the pulley handle is extended so as not to get caught up in anything. For the safety reasons, it comes two wheels with inbuilt multi-color LEDs (red, blue, and green) that illuminates when they drag and roll it to attract attention people who on the left, right, or behind them.


Luggo Robot Suitcase currently not available yet. However, if you are interested, you can pre-order it from Red5 website for £34.95 or around $56.05.