Lytro Light Field Ifinite Focus Digital Camera – 90% OFF!

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This new digital camera is the world’s first light field camera that allow you to capture any images without have to focus on the object, you just need to point this camera toward the area you want to take and snap it. After you took the pictures you can change the focus point of view with the help of the software that already included when you purchase this camera. You can also view the images you captured in 3D.

The interesting part of this camera, when you share these living pictures with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter, they can interact and play with the pictures too.


Another interesting part of this light field camera, you can have it for only $49.97, the normal price of this digital camera is $499.99 or you save $450.02 (90% off) but this price will be available for a limit time (24 hours). So don’t missed it, get yours now!


More information about this light field camera can be read here.