Magico S5 Loudspeaker Available in Q2 Next Year

In Audio Gadgets
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Magico has announced its latest loudspeaker called S5, the successor version of its previous loudspeaker, the V3. This floor standing speaker is designed by a musician called Alan Wolf. It comes with three-way sound and four driver set in a half-inch thick aluminum casing.


The Magico S5 loudspeaker comes with paintable exterior. The Loudspeaker standard color is black anodized finish with optional high-gloss and satin finishes. Magico S5 loudspeaker is the company’s first speaker with removable grille. The S5 loudspeaker offers a sensitivity of 90dB (2.83V/1m), an impedance of 4 ohms, and a frequency response that extends from 22Hz to 50kHz.


The Magico S5 loudspeaker will be available in second quarter of next year with price of $28,600 for each pair.

[ Via soundstagenetworkmagico ]