Matias Releases Quiet Pro Keyboard for Mac and PC Users

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The Mechanical keyboards offer the best performance for their users. However, this kind of keyboards is too noisy to use in most offices, especially other people around you. If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard that offering less noise than a regular keyboard. Then you may consider a new mechanical keyboard called Queit Pro from Matias.



The Matias Queit Pro is claimed as the world’s quietest mechanical keyboard and offer comfortable typing without sacrificing the tactile feedback, which mean you can type it fast with smoothly. It’s equipped with three USB ports that allowed you to plug your digital cameras, flash drives, wired mouse and more.



What make this Quiet Pro different from other mechanical keyboards is, it has special Anti-Ghosting Circuitry to eliminate the ghosting (letter missing from what you actually typed). So you can type as fast as you want. The Matias Quiet Pro available in two versions, Mac and PC. Both models are sold for $149.95 from Matias’s website.