Microsoft Kinect Will Hit UK On November 10th, 2010

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As what you have been expected from the beginning, the US dwellers will be able to get the new Microsoft controller – Kinect on November 4th, 2010. However, at the UK side, Microsoft Kinect is going to roll out for the market on the next 5 days after the device has been launched in the US. This is quite fast as UK usually will late in getting their hands dirty with new technology that will first hit the US.

According to Microsoft’s VP Chris Lewis, UK market is pretty hot for this new controller even it has high price mark (equal to one Wii console and higher than the ‘coming soon’ Sony Move controller) at £130. Perhaps the market is really so into the ‘action’ type of game play where you have to move your entire body to play the game.

There are handful of games that will come along with the releases so it’s impossible to feel bore on this Winter holidays where it won’t be a cold holidays where you will stay at home playing games while sitting sleepily on the couch. If you haven’t order yours, you should pre-order now and let it be shipped exactly on November 10th!

[via I4U]