Mini Wireless Router for Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet

In Computer accessory


ChinaVasion has started selling a new mini wireless router who’s designed for your personal computer, phones, and tablets. This device is easy to use, there is no software installation needed. With its plug and play capability, you just need to connect it to your Ethernet cable, and it’s ready to use.


This mini Wireless router also acts as a wireless USB adapter (Wi-Fi Dongle) for your desktop PC or laptop. Which means it’s suitable for traveling and mobile business users. It offers works with any wireless or public Wi-Fi hotspot and faster internet access.


It features a USB port that used with A-type plug for power input (AP) mode, or with computers as a WiFi Dongle, Ethernet RJ45. It uses 64/128/152-WEP wireless security and can be operated in the environment with temperature zero Celsius to 40 Celsius.


If you need this mini wireless router you can buy it from ChinaVasion for $18.49.