Mobee Introduces Magic Bar for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad

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Mobee has introduced a new product called Mobee Magic Bar, the world’s first inductive charger for your Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. This new device come with a cylindrical Battery Pack(2AA Length) and powered by a Micro USB cable, this device is an aluminum base station.

Mobee Magic Bar is easy to use device as simple as just insert and screw the battery in your input device, and then connect the base Station to any USB port afterward slide your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on the base station and the device will starting charging your Bluetooth keyboard.

The Mobee Magic Bar fully charge in six hours and will provide up to 10 days, while the battery life up to 500 cycle and it backed with one year warranty. If you are interested you must wait until the end of June this year with price of $59.90. However for pre-order starting on May 15th(next month).

[ Via mobee ]