Monster and Viacom Introduce Monster DNA Headphones

In Audio Gadgets


Monster and Viacom have teamed up to release their latest headphone called Monster DNA headphone. With Monster’s latest advancement in sound engineering bring you a new powerful sound, and it comes in bold design. Monster DNA headphone is present for both the music enthusiast and stylish users.


The Monster DNA headphone come with light and comfortable ear cushions, a “buddy” jack for sharing music with your friends, and it comes in two-tone color design. According to their press release, the Monster DNA will officially launch at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards on September 06th, 2012 (today).

The Monster DNA will be arriving in the US market this month, and will be followed by European market in October 2012. This new headphone will be arrived in several versions, including On-Ear models in Black, White, Cobalt Blue and Perfect Teal for a suggested retail price of $199.95, as well as the in-ear versions available in Black and White color with price at $99.95.