MonsterCable Release Monster CleanTouch Pen to Clean Your Smartphone and iPad Screen

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Now you can clean your smartphone or iPad easily without needed a spray screen cleaner and cleaning cloth to do the work. Thanks to the Monster CleanTouch Pen all your needs has come in one device. The Monster CleanTouch Pen is combines the screen cleaning solution with cleaning cloth.


As you known after daily use your smartphone or iPad will covered with dirt, dust, and surely your fingerprint at everywhere on your smartphone or iPad screen which obscure your view. With using Monster CleanTouch Pen to clean your device is quick, convenient, and also the safely way without streaking, staining, or damaging your sensitive screen coatings. This device is an ideal device to clean fingerprints, oils, and smudges.

How it works? With simply move the nib across all over your screen surface, and after wait for 5 to 10 seconds you can wipe off the screen with the integrated Clean Cloth and the result is a crystal clear screen in front of you.

The Monster CleanTouch Pen come in portable design, which allow for easy to carry and to use. So the CleanTouch Pen will be an ideal device to carry while you are on travel.

The Monster CleanTouch Pen currently available at MonsterCable site for $24.95. However, if you buy from Amazon site they will give you a special price for only $19.15 ( save up to $5.80 ).

[ Via monstercable ]