MR-50 Handheld Wet and Dry Steam Vacuum

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Looking for a hand-held vacuum cleaner who can overcome the problem of dry and wet spills? Amazon offering their handheld wet/dry steam vacuum that capability of tackles both dry and wet spills. Instead of producing harmful chemicals, this vacuum utilizes the 1300-watt heating element to produce 210 degree Fahrenheit steam from distilled water in only 20 seconds to loosen stains before they set in.

This MR-50 Handheld Wet/Dry Steam Vacuum is ideal for use at home or in your car. It comes with powerful motor suctions liquid from smooth floors with the help of front wheels and a removable squeegee attachment, while a brush attachment helps dislodge dry messes such as cat litter or crumbs from upholstery and carpets.


On the top of its handheld it has a thumb switch that allowed you to set the vacuum in steamer mode or vacuum mode for easy and efficient cleaning. The vacuum also has a measuring cup and extra dust filter. With compact and lightweight design, enable for easy and fast to lift and maneuver for spot cleaning. It’s powered by AC power via its included 10-foot cord.


MR-50 Handheld wet and dry steam vacuum currently sold at for $149. However, if you are seeking for lifetime guarantee for this item you can buy it from Hammacher Schlemmer for $149.95.