Multifunctional miniA8 Camera

In Digital Camera, Spy Gadgets


Family Security miniA8 camera is a multi function digital camera that can be used as a mini camera or as a Video recorder. It allowed you to capture high resolution photos in 1280 X 960 and shooting video in HD resolution (1280 X 960) with 30 frames per seconds. This mini camera come in a USB shape that capable to store photos or videos up to 32GB Via integrated SD card slot.


Family Security miniA8 camera come with motion detection capability that’s mean it can capture photos or videos based on every motion detected in front of the camera in a certain distance. You can play or view the videos or photos in HD via USB port. The USB port also serves for recharging the battery of this mini digital camera. In single charge, it can provide up to 2 hours of operating time.


Family Security miniA8 camera is ideal for use as a mini camera, mini video recorder, or even as a spy camera, or spy video camera. If you are interested, you can buy miniA8 camera from for $32.99 each unit.