Mystery of Time Limited Edition Luxury Clock

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German film Timekeeper Chronometrie has introduces its new “Mystery of Time” clock. This Mystery of Time Clock is a limited edition clock which along ten year only 12 unit have been created. The clock is made according to an upshot of the imagination Tilmann von dem Knesebeck.


The desk clock features an extraordinary make, crafted in gold and crystals, along with exotic woods, mammoth ivory, marble, stainless steel and other precious stones. The watch´s heart is the tourbillon, which moves over three axes and presents itself in the center of attention, and the planetary configuration revolves around its own axis. The limited edition clock has its interior inspired by the planets, and it features an Earth, Moon and Sun center that’s enclosed by a bell-shaped glass dome.

The wings of the chapel opens-up on sunset and close when it dawns, after which the chapel, together with the Grand Complication, sinks into the body of the pillar. The pillar is closed during nighttime, but it blooms with the first sun rays. An elegant crystal encasement further surrounds this beautiful central figure. Luxurious attention has been paid to every single detail.

The planets are crafted from 18-karat gold and the clock’s other components come handmade, including the crystal body and the unique mechanical sliding drive. The wings and inlays are also done in 18-karat gold.


Unfortunately, there is no word for the price, but I think it will not cheap because the Mystery Of Time clock is use an exquisite materials, engravings, casings, and gemstones.

[ Via bornrich ]