Natural CUCU LC10-16NT Tabletop Clock

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Rakuten has started selling new clock called Natural CUCU LC10-16NT. This new desktop clock is designed by Yuichi Nara from Yokohama National University. CUCU LC10-16NT clock comes in the shape of a simple birdhouse and offers two phases of volume adjustment. It’s designed as a table top clock. However,  it seems that this clock also can be hung on the wall as it showed on their picture.





The Natural CUCU LC10-16NT clock comes with a light sensor that use by the small bird to detect the light, the small bird takes a rest at the daytime, and it will come out when the night time is come. CUCU clock currently available from the Rakuten website and it sold for 21,000 Yen or around $266.57 in three-color option, Brown, Natural, and White color.