Neo Gadgets of the Week June 12th, 2010

In Neo Gadget of the week
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Here is the June second week of Neo Gadgets of the week, as on my previous post of Neo Gadgets of the week, I will provide you the coolest and hottest gadgets that I miss for this week. And here is Neo Gadgets of the Week for June 12th, 2010.

1. WickedLasers Spyder III Pro Arctic Laser: Cool But Extremely Dangerous


2. OCZ Vertex 2 Pro and Vertex 2 EX SSDs


3. Chanel Number 4 Of A Different Kind


4. Pantech Pursuit: The AT&T’s Quick Messaging Cell Phone


5. Drift Innovation HD170 – wearable HD camcorder with LCD screen and remote control


6. Moshi Voice Activated Bluetooth Car Kit


7. Starr Labs Rock Controller is a Game Controller and a Real Guitar Too!


8. 4FFF N618 e-book Reader


9. Ecotek Energy Wizard Will Save you Money


10. MSI AE2220 All-in-one PC released in Japan


That’s all for Neo Gadgets of the week for periods of June 12th, 2010. Have a nice weekend see you soon.