New 2016 MacBook Pro Performance: Nvidia No-Show Telling

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The new MacBook Pros are more about energy conservation, less about performance. Here’s how Apple deftly puts it in their ad copy: “Intel processors deliver pro-level processing performance while conserving energy.”

The initial benchmarks for the just-released $1,500 13-inch MacBook Pro bear out the “conserving energy” ethos: the thinner/lighter 2016 MBP performs about the same as the 2015 MacBook Pro, according to a number of initial reviews, including two here and here.

That’s because the older 2015 MacBook Pro uses a 28-W (watt) Intel 5th-gen “Broadwell” part, while the new entry-level MacBook Pro (meant as a MacBook Air replacement) uses a 15W 6th-gen “Skylake.” Yes, it’s impressive that the newer, low-power Skylake offers the same performance as the more power-hungry Broadwell. But you get the picture.

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