Next Apple TV Comes With Cloud Storage and iPhone OS

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After Google announcing their Google TV, the Apple seem not going to left behind with unveil their next iteration of Apple TV. According to Engadget news this device has been in the works long before Google announced its TV solution, and it ties much more closely into Apple’s mobile offerings.


This new ATV will be based on the iPhone 4( basically it’ll be a screenless iPhone), it means you will get the same internals, it will provide full 1080p HD, down to that A4 CPU and limited amount of cloud-based storage around 16GB. With such storage capacity you can not store much video in this device, and for the best you can streaming video from the internet. This new ATV will be run with iPhone OS and the great things is this device will be sold not more than one hundred bucks or about $99.

[ Via engadget ]