Nostalgia Electrics BTG-1000BLK Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster

In Kitchen Gadgets


If you want to make a simple breakfast in the morning, now you can do it easily with the help of BTG-1000BLK Flip-Down Breakfast from Nostalgia Electrics. This electric griddle packing toaster come with two slots for toasting bagels, bread, buns and more. The flip down griddle is enough room to fry up two eggs, patties, pancakes, or sausages.



BTG-1000BLK Flip-Down Breakfast Toaster has a non – stick surface for easy cleaning and remove your food, and a time control to help you to prevent your food overcook and burn. This cooking device is designed for you who aren’t used to cooking so early. It’s made you cooking simple and as the result you can save more time to prepare your breakfast before you are going to work.

If you need one for preparing your breakfast in the morning, you can buy it from for $29.99.