Osim uSqueez the World’s First App-controlled Foot and Calf Massager

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Osim has introduced the world’s first app-controlled foot and calf Massager called Osim uSqueez. This new massager is designed for adult users. Instead of bending your body to reach the manual controls, this device utilizes App control to control the massager from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad devices. 


Osim uSqueez is using Bluetooth wireless technology that allowed you to control the device function from your comfortable seat. With this massager, you just need to sit back, make yourself as relaxed as you can, and then adjust your massage intensity, which can be chosen from Soothing (lowest), Pulse (medium), Energize (high) and as an addition it also has vibration functions.


“What does an App-controlled massage feel like?”
Complete relaxation. Imagine yourself sitting in your favorite chair receiving a soothing foot and calf massage. You don’t want to disrupt it to reach the controls. Now you don’t have to. With the app, you can stay relaxed, making adjustments with a tap of the app. You barely have to move. If you’re really good, you may not even have to open your eyes. Full-coverage compression gently squeezes your legs as rollers work wonders on tight, tired calves and feet. Add vibration with a tap. Enjoy the soothing sensations as long as you like. Then power off the massager when your feet feel like new again.


Osim uSqueez currently available at Brookstone.com for $399.99.